10 reasons for learning a foreign language

Every time in our whole life we have something to do with foreign languages. But a lot of the people do not have the time or the motivation to learn an other language. That is why we have 10 Reasons to motivate you and for learning a new language.
1. Fun
Learning should not be a torture for you but it should always be fun. You can proof and use immediately your learning progress and this is what motivates you to learn more and more.
2. new culture
By learning new languages you also learn something about the culture and the life of people in this country. This is rally helpful if you want to visit the country.
3. working and living abroad 
When you are learning a new language you enable yourself to live and work in an other country. If this is one of your big future goals it will happen by learning new languages. 
4. better career
For applications it is always of advantage to speak more than one or two languages. It also helps you to be better and better in your dream job and gain more success.
5. friendships
Already in your Language School you will get know some new people. You will also meet some new people on your language trips with whom you learn together a new language. And maybe you will find some new friends for life.
6.new challenges 
During learning new languages you will have new challenges and adventures every time. This will strengthen your self- confidence.
7. training themselves
It is really important to educate yourself. And for yourself it is only up to you. There for, learn a new language an do something good for yourself.  
8. helping other people
learning a new language is not only good for you. With your knowledge you can help other people or motivate them to learn a foreign language.
9. stay fit
By learning languages you will stay fit. You train your brain to keep things an to reflect them.
10. openness and tolerance
When you are learning new languages you will be automatically more open-minded. You can understand people and their points of view better. And maybe you will change your conduct in some situations 

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