My Experience With Student Works

Hello everyone! My name is Kia and I am a student at Bournemouth University soon to be in my third and final year. I am studying Media Production as an Undergraduate.
As I'm moving forward in to my final year I will have to complete an assignment on my experience within the work industry therefore needing me to carry out a work placement for a minimum of one month. One of the companies that stood out to me the most was Student Works and this was because:
  1. They were very easy to get in contact with.
  2. They are in a great location and easy to reach (easy to get to work) as they are in the town centre.
  3. Student Works were also very adaptable in terms of ensuring my placement was suitable for my course and as I went on I was presented with plenty of opportunities for key tasks that suited my needs for experience perfectly.
I would recommend a work placement at Student Works to anybody from inside or outside of the UK as it can be adaptable to suit the needs of your work experience to an extent. Student Works is an International Education Agency meaning that we deal with a lot of international students finding their accommodation, study programmes, and more.

Being an international student under a Tier 4 VISA you may work up to 20 hours per week during school term time where as you may work Full time outside of school term times. However you should always ensure you are not violating your VISA and check with any advisers that everything is okay.

Ensure careful planning and organisation of budget and who to contact before coming over to the UK to ensure everything goes to your plan and you don’t have any issues along the way.

If you have any enquiries feel free to give us a message here at Student works and we will be happy to help!!  

If you are in need of a work placement I would highly recommend Student Works to you!