From Intern to Employee

Hello! My name is George, I am 21 years old and I am from Bournemouth. I study Media Production at Bournemouth University and also am the Media Marketing Assistant here at Student Works!


I started here at Student Works in July 2017 to contribute to my Media Production Degree, the initial plan was to work here in the office for four weeks and then go back to University to complete my final year of my degree. However, I have been lucky enough to be offered the job as an employed Media Marketing Intern here at Student Works.


So far, my experience with Student Works has been an amazing experience and has been an eye-opener for the future and has shown me what career path I want to go down. To have a job in this field of work before I’ve even graduated is something that I never expected when I started here last month. I’m truly thankful as it is going to boost my CV experience massively and everyone here at the office are amazing people!


I am shocked by how much I have learnt in the past 6 weeks and am excited to see how much more there is to learn over the next year of working here! Student Works go that extra mile for students and being a student myself, means I can appreciate what the company does as I can relate to the students myself. Since starting here, I was amazed to see just how many international students do come to the UK and to Bournemouth especially. I can imagine going to another country on your own can be scary, but after seeing it first hand, I can confidently say that Student Works definitely make the process a lot more comfortable and more enjoyable.