A Spanish Living in the UK

Hi Everyone.


My name is Cecilia (29) and I am from Spain. In this post, I would like to share with you my experience in the UK as it might help you with your fears and doubts.


When I was 24-years-old, I was working in a communication agency in Spain, I saw my disadvantage with the English, as I didn't have the right level for the communication field, which is my professional field, and I wanted to solve it, because of that I decided in 15 days to go to the UK, especially Bournemouth, which I found in Google.


At the beginning, I booked the school and the accommodation with a Spanish Agency (which wasn't the same company in Bournemouth). The school was great but not the accommodation, as the accommodation was not the one I booked from Spain and when I arrived to Bournemouth I couldn't do anything to change it, because of that I advise you to check with local agents such as Student Works.


I was studying and starting to work in hospitality, that was ok for a time but I had the ambition to improve my professional skills. After some work in the hospitality field, I was confident enough with my English level and I tried to find something more qualifies, I was lucky enough and started to work in Student Works as an Accommodation and Studies Advisor.


My job at Student Works was very helpful my passion for communication and the ability to help others to find their way in the UK. Also, my work experience with my advanced English level was perfect to find better positions and well paid when I came back to Spain, as the companies value a lot in International experience and a perfect language level.


I highly recommend this experience if you are lost or confused or want a change, so pack your bags and enjoy the way!