Being an Intern and a University student in the UK



My name is Cloe Guscott. I am 22 years old and I’m currently studying for a degree in Finance and Economics at Bournemouth University, whilst working part time at Student Works Ltd. In this blog I would like to share my experience of studying and working in the UK and why it is beneficial for you to consider doing yourself.


Although achieving a degree is a prestigious qualification and life achievement, I believe that it is just as crucial to gain work experience. Any large organisation in the UK will not only require specific qualifications needed, but also a range of work experience that may be expected for certain job position. This is why I believe that while studying, whether it be for college, university of other qualifications, you should also be trying to obtain relevant work experience that will go alongside your chosen area of study.


I have been working at Student Works Ltd and have found it very useful for not only my degree, but also for real-life experiences, this includes understanding about the processes of Visa applications, the procedure of international students applying to study in the UK and also understanding the importance of a social media presence.


As well as work experience, it’s also very good to have extracurricular activities for your C.V. At university, I joined the Business Society and was lucky enough to be welcomed onto the committee due to my hard work and effort in attending out-of-lecture talks. This will not only look very attractive on my C.V, but also gives me the opportunity to network with professionals within the area.


Within my work experience I am able to gain experience in the areas of my study and increase my knowledge and skills both from Student Works and university, this enables me to get a better understanding of what my future job or career may look like. Some of the skills I am learning are new to me and other things I am introduced to we have covered in University but I have never done them. Even if I am only able to do this part time alongside my studies it is still beneficial and Student Works can be flexible enough with me and any other student that they assist with a placement. If you want to do an internship and can only work part time, or just a few weeks, then consider doing it as it is a great experience and perfect for your professional future and c.v.


For me, Bournemouth is an amazing town and I am so grateful to call this my home. There are so many activities for all kinds of people, and I love how many cultures come to our seaside town and make it what it is today. We have one of the best beaches in Europe and it’s so nice to have that on your doorstep, especially if you have pets! However with Student Works they can assist you all across the UK and Ireland, so there is a lot of choice.

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