An Italian in a UK University doing a work placement

Hello, my name is Jessica, I am a student at Bournemouth University, and I am

studying a Master program in Marketing and Management; I chose to study here in

the UK because I really wanted to develop my communication and written English

skills and Bournemouth University is a very good university as anyone can see on

internet and my Master degree has been awarded accreditation by AACSB: the

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This achievement places the

Business School at Bournemouth University firmly within the top institutions

globally for business degrees with less than 5% of business schools that award

business degrees worldwide attaining this hallmark of excellence. Once I chose my

university and master course applying was very easy: the university replied very

quickly and all I had to do was send all my documents and wait to be accepted. My

experience at the University has been one of the best of my life so far, and to make it

more unforgettable I wanted to find an internship for the summer, as I started my

course in January and I will finish in January 2020 I wanted to work during the

summer to gain experience in the UK workplace; Student Works gave me the

opportunity to work within the company. I believed that I needed work experience

before finishing my Master degree, so I started searching for jobs in April in the

University website and could not find something that really interested me, then, when

I was almost loosing all hopes, I found the Student Works offer: social media summer

internship, just the one right for me! As I am studying a master’s in marketing and

management social media are one of my study topics and I wanted to see how a job in

social media would be like.

Jenny was very nice since the beginning, she helped me and listened to me; as the

internship is unpaid for less than 6 months, Jenny proposed me to work part-time at

Student Works and helped me to find another paid job. First of all, a student that

wants to develop skills for his/her future job and gain experience should take into

consideration to do an unpaid internship, because it will be beneficial for his/her

future, no doubt!

Student Works has been a very positive experience, I could put into practice what I

studied in my lectures in my first semester and learn every day something new that I

will use in my future. This opportunity helped me to grow and allowed me to better

understand how the workplace looks like; this internship will for sure boost my

Curriculum Vitae. I deal with clients and emails or phone calls, I edit photos to use

for social media, I take care of social media everyday and organise what to do every

week, trying to engage as much people as I can and, occasionally I train some new


Bournemouth is a beautiful city that offered me so much until now, I found

wonderful people both at the University and at work, the city offers many things to

do for student and it has wonderful beaches! A part from that, working in the UK has


been an exciting experience that I will recommend to anyone: working in a company

as Student Works give the possibility to learn on the field, see how to work in an

office with other people and expand your knowledge 360°.

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