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Learn English, Speak English. Come to the UK or IRELAND to learn English, or do all of our courses online from your own country.


We offer part time classes for those who are looking for a basic English speaking course, or intensive classes for those who want to learn English quickly.

Our part time English courses will be available in the morning, afternoon and evening, until 10pm.

This means that you can Study in the UK or IRELAND as well as online whilst working in your preferred sector (we offer work programs too).

We offer the opportunity to study in the UK or IRELAND or online for all ages over 12 years and all levels anywhere in the UK or IRELAND or online, we also have specialist courses if needed.

At the beginning, you will take an English test for us to see how good your English is before we decide what school and classes we will send you to.


Studying in the UK or IRELAND or online so you can learn English quickly and you will be speaking English confidently!
You will learn how to speak, listen, write, and read in English.

You will be in a class with other people who are at the same level as you. All materials are there for you to work through with the guidance of a Qualified English teacher.

Classes have a diverse mix of nationalities. 

Lessons can be booked weekly or you can book in advance.




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