04. September 2018
Hello everyone! I'm Alessia, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Italy. In this blog I'd like to talk about my experience here in the UK.
01. August 2018
I’m that girl that wants everything. ( Unintentional Quote from Disneys’ Little Mermaid (1989).) I’m sure you know of one or are one yourself. I’m a person who came to the UK for one reason only – to follow my gut and get a degree in what interested me at that moment the most. I’m not the first nor I’m the last person to do that. Even if that means leaving everything I know behind I believed it would pay off. I decided to go for Computer Animation. I’m not going to lie and say...

02. July 2018
Ciao a tutti! Sono Thomas, ho 17 anni e sono italiano. In questo breve ma coinciso post vi parlo della mia esperienza in Inghilterra. Dopo aver superato svariati esami presso il mio istituto scolastico ho potuto aderire al progetto "Erasmus+", che mi ha permesso di soggiornare a Bournemouth per cinque settimane in una host family. Fortunamente quest'ultima e' stata molto comprensiva, disponibile e amorevole nei miei confronti, aggevolando cosi la mia permanenza. Prima di arrivare qui ero molto...
09. May 2018
Take a read at our Polish intern, Dominik's experience with Student Works after spending three weeks working in our office!

17. April 2018
Take a look at Kim's thoughts about her time with Student Works!
13. March 2018
Read Cecilia's experience with working at Student Works and learning English in the UK!

13. February 2018
Paula gives a fantastic insight into her time in the UK. Read now!
23. January 2018
A Brazilian in the UK - Gabriella's story

15. November 2017
Read about Enrica's experience at a British University and her advice when applying to study in the UK!
25. October 2017
Hi guys, George here again! Studying at Bournemouth University has been one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences of my life so far, with only one year left I am absolutely petrified but also so excited to create new projects, learn new approaches and aim for the best grade that I can achieve! As part of my degree, it was required for me to do 4 weeks’ worth of work experience, which is why I am here at Student Works. Bournemouth University is located on the South Coast of England (sa

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