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17. April 2019
Hello! My name is Cloe Guscott. I am 22 years old and I’m currently studying for a degree in Finance and Economics at Bournemouth University, whilst working part time at Student Works Ltd. In this blog I would like to share my experience of studying and working in the UK and why it is beneficial for you to consider doing yourself. Although achieving a degree is a prestigious qualification and life achievement, I believe that it is just as crucial to gain work experience. Any large...
17. April 2018
Take a look at Kim's thoughts about her time with Student Works!

13. March 2018
Read Cecilia's experience with working at Student Works and learning English in the UK!
13. February 2018
Paula gives a fantastic insight into her time in the UK. Read now!

25. October 2017
Hi guys, George here again! Studying at Bournemouth University has been one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences of my life so far, with only one year left I am absolutely petrified but also so excited to create new projects, learn new approaches and aim for the best grade that I can achieve! As part of my degree, it was required for me to do 4 weeks’ worth of work experience, which is why I am here at Student Works. Bournemouth University is located on the South Coast of England (sa
17. October 2017
Need help coming to the UK? COME TO STUDENT WORKS, where I am!! Two years ago, when I came to the UK, I needed help finding accommodation, open a bank account, get the NIN or a job etc... so everything a person need to start! Today that person is me! In Italy, I am an estate agent, it is what I wanted to do in the UK. Few months ago, I was offered the opportunity to work as a student agent, I thought about it, and I thought was a good idea help people to find accommodation and offer them also...

10. October 2017
Hi my name is Sorina, I'm from Italy but I spent three months here in Bournemouth during which I worked as an intern in the Student Works office! Let's start saying that this was my first work the beginning I was a little bit scared but now I have to say that my self-confidence increased and I am more confident in my skills, thanks to this experience! These three months were not easy at all for me, as I discovered, that also a frozen heart like mine missed her parents at home ha
20. September 2017
Hello! My name is George, I am 21 years old and I am from Bournemouth. I study Media Production at Bournemouth University and also am the Media Marketing Assistant here at Student Works! I started here at Student Works in July 2017 to contribute to my Media Production Degree, the initial plan was to work here in the office for four weeks and then go back to University to complete my final year of my degree. However, I have been lucky enough to be offered the job as an employed Media Marketing...

24. August 2017
I am a student at Bournemouth University soon to be in my third and final year. I am studying Media Production as an Undergraduate. As im moving forward in to my final year I will have to complete an assignment on my experience within the work industry therefore needing me to carry out a work placement for a minimum of one month. One of the companies that stood out to me the most was Student Works and this was because:
03. August 2017
Hi,I'm Zuri and I've been an intern at Student Works for the past month! I have learnt the way this agency works, not only they give the client many choices but the treatment they will receive is completely personalized.Something that surprised me in a good way, is that they keep in touch with their tenants in case they need anything for the house.The saying "the client is always right" is something they take into account here. It's not my first time in the UK but it's the first time I stay for