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01. August 2018
I’m that girl that wants everything. ( Unintentional Quote from Disneys’ Little Mermaid (1989).) I’m sure you know of one or are one yourself. I’m a person who came to the UK for one reason only – to follow my gut and get a degree in what interested me at that moment the most. I’m not the first nor I’m the last person to do that. Even if that means leaving everything I know behind I believed it would pay off. I decided to go for Computer Animation. I’m not going to lie and say...
19. October 2016
The gap year might be an important step in a person's life. This because you can understand and decide what you want to do in your future. The famous Gap Year usually starts after students finish high school, that's because the person is not sure about which University going into, where and how. Thus, the best option is travel around the world maybe learning a new language and a new culture in order to have fresh ideas at the end of the adventure. This has happened to me. After my degree I did...

12. August 2016
In our blog you will find information, advice and experiences from other students, workers and member of Student Works' staff who have been in the same situation as you: PLANNING YOUR NEW ADVENTURE. Today we want to open our blog with general tips you need to take into account before traveling abroad, if you think we have forgotten something email us or leave a comment below.