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BREXIT…….Everytime I hear this word I just want it all to be over and of course many of you feel the same.

In the UK most of us have friends who are not from England and have come over to work and live here from a European country. So what can we expect from Brexit?

Here are some things to note from now and after the deadline of the 29.03.2019


Anyone who wants to come to the UK to study English or IELTS or the CAMBRIDGE EXAMS, go to UNIVERSITY or college to study a course with the help of Student Works can still come here with no problems at all, at the moment to come to the UK from the EU there is no visa needed, maybe after BREXIT you may need a visa, but like many international students, this is easy to do an just an easy visa application that Student Works can assist you with.


So if you want to come and work in the UK you can do so without any restrictions at the moment, this will also continue after the deadline date for up to 2x years before they put a program in place which means you will either need a visa to work, which if you have a job already you can apply for one with the help of your employer or to come here you will need a visa. If you need a visa in the future to come it maybe you need to prove your English level with a test like IELTS, which student works can help you with, or you need a job offer which we can help you to get as well.

To live in the UK

At the moment anyone who does not want to leave England and has set up their home and their lives here can apply for residency here if they have been here for 5x year or longer, it is a simple application and costs less than £100, we do not recommend that anyone pays anymore that the price advertised to do this unless they really do need assistance doing this.

Brexit is very hard for businesses, people wanting to come to the UK and people wanting to leave the UK in the future as the UK GOVERNMENT has not been able to come to an agreement with the European Union and even when this happens it will take years to put the policies of visa’s, who can stay, who can go, what we can do and everything else into action

So for Student works, and everyone around us just continue as normal as we have no restrictions at the moment

Alternatively if you really want a complete change go to IRELAND OR AUSTRALIA where we offer the same services and more….

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