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We would like to keep you always update about everything that can affect you, so we have here a new update from the Brexit news...

So the new Prime Minister of the UK is already looking at new ways to assist the entrance into the UK. One idea is to stop universities from marketing their courses as opportunities for students to work in Britain and new measures to ensure students return home when their courses end. As we are aware, many students do not return home after their studies if they have not been offered any employment here, causing migration issues on the system in the UK.

She feels that EU nationals exploiting free movement rules to head to the UK to look for work. Why should not they? If they get to work in the UK and learn the language and pay their taxes then Yes they are welcome here. A Government source said: " Control over the number of EU migrants will be a priority in the Brexit deal. But we are also working on a package to reduce further non-EU immigration across all three visa routes - work, family and students ".The fear is "The biggest source of migration from outside the EU is clearly students, very few of whom are recorded as going home. This is where action needs to be focused"

One person said it would be pretty simple. Sir David Metcalf, the head of the Migration Advisory Committee, told The Telegraph that both the number of migrants and the amount of time they spend in the UK could be controlled using work permits. He said the scheme would be "pretty straightforward" to run and could be modelled on a previous work permit system for seasonal agricultural workers.

The Prime Minister quotes "low skilled migrants from the EU would have to apply for permits to works in Britain after it leaves the EU under plans being considered by ministers. However, it appears this is quite an easy process to get the permit, so fingers crossed it will be quite simple.

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