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Welcome to STUDENT WORKS blog!

In our blog you will find information, advice and experiences from other students, workers and member of Student Works' staff who have been in the same situation as you: PLANNING YOUR NEW ADVENTURE.

Today we want to open our blog with general tips you need to take into account before travelling abroad, if you think we have forgotten something email us or leave a comment below.

Before travelling

1. Travelling abroad with Student Works: we will help you with EVERYTHING (accommodation, English courses, jobs...) If you are plan is to work and study abroad for a short or long term you don't need to be worried, this is your site!

2. Documents: print, make copies of your identification documents (Passport, ID, Driving license...) and write down all the addresses and telephone numbers which can be helpful for you: travel agencies, hotels, embassy...If your identification gets stolen or lost you want to be sure that you can still get back into your country or prove your citizenship.

3. Copy of your Passport or ID: send them to your email and make a picture of then with your phone, also send the security copies to someone who can be able to contact you and send them to you. Don't forget to bring with you both (Passport and ID) and check the expire dates.

4. Your Embassy:  if you have any problem abroad, your country Embassy will be the organization who will help you, also as we have pointed out before, if your Passport or ID get lost or stolen they will make the papers for your accreditation.

5. Visit your doctor: before your trip, go and visit your doctor to make a general check and to collect some prescriptions if you need them, also check your destination in case you will need proper vaccinations.

6. Insurance: make sure you have a full coverage when you travel, the only worry you will need is to have an amazing experience and enjoy your trip.

7. Money: it is very important to check the currency of the country where you are traveling as you don't want to find any bad surprises in your arrival, bring with you enough cash with you as not every country accept credit cards' payments everywhere. Also it is highly recommended if you can check the prices of the cost of life in order to take some money for your first weeks in other country.

8. Check with your bank: You need to make sure that your card will be working abroad, if you don't have a credit card it will very useful to order one that you can use abroad, which kind of taxes you will need to pay the conversions at the ATM in the country you are visiting.

Once you know the destination...

9. Plan your visit: if you plan the places you want to visit you will be able to find cheaper tickets, avoid queues and also make sure you will have space to visit them. You can also have a good surprise and discover some interesting events going on your destination.

10. Know the place where you going: it is very important to do a research about the city and the country where you are going, if it is safe, the price of the food, leisure options...

11. Doctor in the UK: when you arrive to the UK you have to go to the nearest medical centres (close to your accommodation/house) and register there in order to visit the GP/Doctor, this is for non emergency.

12. Food: try to find our which kind of food and drinks you will be able to find in the country and also it is very good to bring with you some small snacks, just in case.

13. Weather: when you travel abroad you can't pretend to have the same weather than in your country. United Kingdom and Ireland are specially know about their particular weather and their rain, be ready for it!

14. Known people: speak with your relatives or friends about your destination, it could be a very good surprise to have some person you can meet there, this can be a really good welcoming and you won't feel pressure or anxious about it.

15. Charger adapter: this is very important and people are keeping forgetting, always bring with you at least one or two adapter for our electronics. Also you will need to check the voltage of the country as you don't want your mobile phone burned.

16. Extra clothes: it is highly recommend to pack some extra clothes in your hand bag, as you don't want to be without any clothes in case the airline lost your luggage.

17. Check your bag: before even book the ticket, check in the airline's website their rules and prices for checking the bags, sometimes you will have a bad surprise even if you haven't arrived to your destination. Also if you are going for a long period it is highly recommended to send some boxes with your belongings.

18. Photo camera: bring your camera with you to take pictures of the places you visit and great memories of the moments you will live there.

19. Plan B: even if you have everything calculated and planned it could be some delays in your flights, miss a bus...Always have a plan B and check the alternative routes or accommodations just in case. If you are coming with us you don't need to be worried as we have an emergency phone 24/7.

20. ENJOY: this is the best advice we can give you, enjoy the unique experience of travelling abroad where you will learn, value and grow up.

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