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Ireland wants 15% of students at tertiary level to be international by 2020, which means current enrolment numbers need to grow by a third to reach this target.

The government has strategic priorities include supportive national framework, ensuring cohesion of policy to support to develop globally competitive higher education institutions. They also want to growth in the English Language teaching sector international outreach.

To expand its international outreach, the strategy intends to use Education in Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in particular through its embassy network, to play a key roles to promote Ireland "as a centre for human capital development to governments, agencies, institutions and businesses where opportunities are identified".

As a Student Works we could help you to start your new adventure in Ireland,  because we have some programs there, as work experience, Au pair or English courses.

So if your decision is Ireland do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you free advice and all the information about our programs.

The strategy from the government also nods to Ireland's neighbour, the UK, and its decision to leave the European Union.

In light of the recent referendum on the future of the UK in the European Union, negotiations on the future EU-UK relationship will now be required and the Irish government will continue to emphasise our very particular relationship with Norther-Ireland and the UK in these negotiations, a fact that is widely understood by our EU partners.

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