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Paula's experience in the UK!

Hello everyone!!

My name is Paula. I am from Spain and I spent one of the best years of my life in Bournemouth.

Once I finished my degree in Education at University in Spain, I thought it will be great for my career to go to the UK and improve my English. I really believe study abroad is the best way to learn a language. I already had experience living in another country: I spent my third year of college in Italy. Both experiences have been very important to build the person I am right now.

Back to the UK, I arrived in London in the winter. I had been in London before but that time of the year the city is magical with all the Christmas lights and the busy streets. Three days later I was in King Kross waiting for the train that was taking me to my new home: Bournemouth.

I had a friend there who recommended the agency Student Works to find my English lessons and my room before I arrived there. So when I got to Bournemouth everything was ready for me!

I started my lessons in United World academy for 4 months and after that I got prepared for the First Certificate of Cambridge with a group of friends and a private tutor.

But not everything was studied: not at all! Bournemouth is a great place for a young student! There is so much to do! Good restaurants, good places to shop, amazing parks and beaches where you can spend time with your friends... and great night life!

met incredible people from everywhere in Europe and around the world, which made me learn a lot more than just English.

Really felt Bournemouth like my second home. But when I was almost done with my studies and ready to plan the trip back home I found a job perfect for me at Student work: help other students from Spain and Italy who wanted to come to the UK. I helped them to find English courses, work programs, internships, accommodation, etc. I had a really great time during the summer working at Student Works and enjoying Bournemouth a little bit longer.

The level of English and other skills that I developed in the UK brought me where I am right now: living in the USA.

I have wonderful memories of my two times studying abroad back in Europe and I also keep very good friends from these years. I really recommend this experience to everyone who wants to learn a lot while having a lot of fun.

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