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Everybody notice that Germany became in the last period the preferred destination for students from all over the EU. The reasons are for sure:

1. Low tuition fees.

2. Growing study of German Language.

3. Availability of immediate teaching programmes of master English.

4. Big power on post-study work for foreign students.

But however, we can offer great opportunities to students that come from Germany, here in UK. In fact, we have programmes for low GPA students for them. They can enjoy their course and their Work Experience together!

Moreover, we can receive the students that benefit from a funding, although their staying is short term.

At last, the best project that we can offer is for High school students and Language students. This because the course we offer are accepted by any University un German, so they can spend their time in the UK and study for their courses at the same time.

We are dealing with agency-on ground in Germany, to cooperate with us, so we can know and understand what are really the specific needs that German students have.

So DEAR STUDENTS, put your dream in your bag, come in the United Kingdom and try to make them become true with STUDENT WORKS help.

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