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Currently little more is known about the UK's future outside of the UK.

The UK finally has a timeline for its exit from the UK. Once the progress begins, the UK will have two years to negotiate the terms of its relationship with other UE countries.

Amber Rubb, has already given government's plans for immigrants and international students and the outlook isn't pretty.

The government will continue to reduce the number of people coming to the UK to work and study.

International student VISAS should be re-examined that would limit overseas students studying at low quality providers.

So now it is a really good moment to come to the UK and have work experience in here and improve your English skills, and Student Works can help you.

Influence of the UK's trade bodies and export agencies tasked with defining and then promoting a regional or national study proposition have to enable international students to identify.

British council is working with a range of stakeholders (Government and private) to double down on promoting UK education internationally using the great campaign by focussing on the UK's cultural and educational assets.

In the UK, 43% International Students say the referendum result has affected their decision to study un the UK.

Don't let it effect you, come to the UK, take advantage of this two years or longer timeline and use this to gain work experience and also study the English language in its original form in the UK. We still remain in the TOP EU countries to study in - GO UK!

Contact us at or comment below to discuss further.

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