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This year a lot of political storms have happened around the World and this situation is affecting International students.

Current situation in the UK and US

In our country, Britain is leaving from the European Union and the Bank of England has downgraded economic growth predictions for 2017 and 2018. UK Universities can play a central role in establishing stronger and more diverse relationships.

In the UK, there have been reports of fewer students groups coming for summer courses after many xenophobic and racist attacks were reported in the International media following the referendum results.

Also the situation is complicated for US. The people are scared because they are wondering if they are going to be welcome in the US if Donald Trump becomes president.

International Education

The important thing is that the education is growing global industry. Everybody is looking at the education sector. The biggest growth to date has been UK, Australia and US.

The rate of growth however, of us agency recruitment channels could be considered cautious, 38% International students have been recruited by agencies.

A clampdown on academic and the military coup in Turkey makes that more students are seeking refuge in overseas.

Let's be honest, tax and International education can be cumbersome web of complexity. Tax policies constantly change and International study offices: Act like multinational companies. For example Malta students are not required to pay VAT on courses but must pay 5% VAT on books 7% accommodation and 18% leisure activities and transport.

In most countries, education is exempt from sales taxes.

To ensure that education agent commissions are not seen as an imported service in the school - agent - student supply chain clear terminology in the contracts. The wording of these contracts is important. Some providers have contracts that have never been updated.


Malta is the 7th most popular destination in the world to learn English language. Why?

Malta was a British colony for over 160 years, this historical legacy explains why English is one of the two official languages spoken in Malta. This, together with an embarrassment of riches and it is climate in the best in the world. High quality and low prices, they have a lot of diversity students.

Live in as part of a Maltese family, rent an apartment or stay in homely guesthouses or five star hotels. Also the language Schools can arrange accommodation.


Australia offers two working holiday visa and you could work and study for twelve months. But no more than 6 months working for the same employees.

Minimum academic and English requirements and provide a letter of support from their government.

"The model of work and travel is so attractive because they can move here, work, earn enough money to pay back their programme"

United States

United States is similar to Australia, clearly any visa that encourages young people to get a taste of Australian culture and our education institutions is worthy of support.

The most effective method for us to connect with prospective students is word of mouth.

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