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Have you ever thought about gaining work experience in the UK or Ireland?

That idea can be a great experience and a big change in your life, as your opportunities and knowledge will be improved for future work opportunities.

We have designed your timeline for the work experience process to make it more clear and easy to understand, here we go!

Steps you need to follow to apply for the work experience:

  1. Apply to student works to work in the UK and be given full information by one of multi lingual members of staff.

  2. Send us your c.v. and application form.

  3. Have a mock interview for your English.

  4. Get confirmation of acceptance and make payment 

  5. Full confirmation is then sent to prepare for your arrival to the UK

  6. Arrive in the UK to your room or family home

  7. First day at the school, where you will be tested and assigned your class

  8. Procedures: English telephone number, bank account, NIN appointment...

  9. Interviews and trial

  10. Signature of your contract and start working!

Contact us for applying today and start your life change!

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