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In my opinion young people should go abroad at least once in their life. There are a lot opportunities overseas for English courses, internships and work experience, and Student Works can help students to make this dream true.

We can give you information about jobs, internships, work experience, English schools and more!

Mobility is a live concept, constantly changing and expanding together with the needs of young people. Mobility, in many ways, has been regarded as an effective way of helping young people develop personally while also improving their employability.

If you go abroad, here there are some benefits that you could enjoy using Student Works:

- To develop competences to interact, work and live in multicultural environment.

- Change to be employed and higher if they experienced living, working or studying in a foreign country.

- More likely to be socially.

Mobility represents a great opportunity for young people to learn and acquire new skills and English language, and to appreciate the diversity of European cultures.

It is normal to have a lot of questions before going abroad; "Should I leave my parents, my friends and my home to study abroad?"

Indeed, being abroad is only a good idea if it is something you may enjoy otherwise you will not be able to have a positive experience, contact us at Student Works with your concerns and we can answer them as all the staff here have studied abroad in their lives.

If you think "I am not good with other languages", remember everything it is possible. You have to do it, at least try it!

Going for a short or a long term in an international environment sounds like a dream come true for some people. It means the opportunity to establish intercultural contacts, have a valuable insight into a different culture, learn a language and grow as a person. To other people, however, it might be a complete nightmare. Indeed, leaving your comfort zone can be scary.

" Study abroad allows you to experience another part of yourself in a different setting "

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