Want to study English or do a University course in the UK or Europe or even an English speaking University somewhere else in the world? We work with many universities all across the UK and anywhere else in the world in English speaking only countries and we can do the whole process for you to obtain your University offer.

If you already have your degree, we can help you study your master's degree as well and get an offer for you.


Get the experience of living in the UK or anywhere else in the world and speak English by going to a University.


We offer pathway programs into the Universites if you do not quite meet the criteria if you are an international student, alongside all of these amazing opportunities the UK is one of the most popular places to study, and our study abroad programs can make that happen for you!

For international students, we can make your studying dream happen so you can start, or finish your degree in a university in the UK or elsewhere. 


Student Works work closely with University students who can give you lots of advice and tips on the best way to take part in study abroad programs! We also offer internationally recognised short courses perfect for workers to make it more flexible for you!

In addition to this, you will be able to work and earn money alongside your studies which will give you great experience to back up your studies and future employment.

Take a look and if you cannot see what you are looking for contact us for personalised information!

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To apply you need the following:

  • c.v. in English 

  • personal statement 

  • Proof of English level 

  • Study certificates 

  • Transcripts 

Once we have this we can then send you options for what courses are available to you and if there are additional requirements 

costs and options for you for scholarships.


Student Works 





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