A German in the UK

Hello! My name is Amelie Margout, I’m 20 years old and an international student from Germany. I came

to the UK in September 2017 and started my studies at Bournemouth University and am now in my third

and final year studying towards my undergraduate degree.

I made the decision to come and study in England in January 2017 because I wanted to improve my

English skills and experience living in the UK. I loved learning and speaking this language from a young

age, when I started reading all my books and watching all my TV shows in English, which helped

improve it massively.

Studying in the UK will also open many doors for me back in my home country, as speaking more than

one language is becoming more and more important in today’s working world.

So far, I have really enjoyed my time at university. Although it was a bit hard for me to adjust in the

beginning when I was living in student halls, things have turned around for me and I really enjoy living

with my friends close to campus.

The campus is very nice and offers everything a student might need, from the big library to student

support and even a bar on campus! Also it is not too big... so less opportunities to get lost! The

university is constantly improving and adding new building, which makes it very modern, too.

As part of my course, Communication and Media, I have to complete a professional placement, which is

why I decided to work for Student Works part time. During this internship, I am responsible for

administrative work as well as social media management. As my course is very academic, I was lacking

the work experience that I am now getting through this internship. I learn new things every day that help

me gain a better understanding of what the working world is like, while applying some of the skills I’ve

learnt in university. Balancing working part time and keeping up with my assignments has been

challenging but has also done wonders to my work ethic, as I now have to be a lot more organized with

my free time.

Using Student Works as an agency to find a placement is very beneficial as it is guaranteed and takes

only two weeks to find one, whether the internship is in the Student Works office or anywhere in the UK

or Ireland.

Bournemouth is a great town, it is not too small and not too big in my opinion. One thing is sure, it never

gets boring with events happening all the time (the christmas market in the town centre for example is a

new opportunity every year for me and my friends to demonstrate our ice skating ‘skills’). There is

something for everyone in the area, whether you love nights out or exploring nature. There are some

beautiful spots close to Bournemouth, trips to Sandbanks and Durdle Door are highly recommended!

I can definitely say that Bournemouth has become a home for me.

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