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Are you a student or recent graduate looking to enhance your CV and develop new skills while simultaneously exploring some of the UK's best cities? Our work experience and internship opportunities in the UK are the answer!

For guaranteed work experience placements at some of the most rewarding placements across the UK, including popular destinations like London, Manchester, Cardiff, and a host of other cities, get in touch today!




The UK is one of the most popular destinations for finding work experience opportunities and internships. Whether you're a current student or a recent graduate looking for your first opportunity in the professional arena, completing an appropriate placement offers an extensive range of benefits. The list includes but is not limited to;

  • Unlock better future employment opportunities across Europe,

  • Develop key skills and knowledge to enhance your studies,

  • Gain an insight into the industry,

  • Improve your English language and communication skills,

  • Acquire vital experience that ensures your CV stands out,

  • Build a network of contacts within the industry.

UK work experience placements stand out on your CV unlike any other, making them the perfect choice for current students and graduates alike from across the continent of Europe. Better still, you'll get to see beautiful Britain during your leisure time too. For the life experience aspects as well as your future career prospects, you won't find better opportunities anywhere else.



Work experience for students

Work experience placements in the UK appeal for a whole host of reasons, but their flexibility is undoubtedly one of the most attractive features. Whatever stage of the journey you're at, or what your vision of a dream career looks like, finding work experience ideas that are tailored to your needs is an easy task – particularly with our guidance throughout the process.


Our nationwide coverage across a plethora of industries can help you find the perfect position. Some of the sectors that we cover for international work experience seekers include Art & Design, Education, Environment, Finance & Economics, Hospitality, Events & Tourism, HR & Talent Management, International Business, IT, NGOs & Non-Profits, Real Estate, PR & Marketing. 


We recommend anything from placements lasting anywhere between one week and one year. Either way, we link ambitious students and graduates to the best work experience UK placements available, providing the skills and tools needed to take the next steps towards the career of your dreams.



Work experience placements

In addition to work experience placements across the UK, our network includes links to hundreds of internship jobs across an equally diverse range of business sectors. Furthermore, we support individuals in their quests to kickstart their careers in style with a versatile range of internships.


Whether using the above internships or more traditional work placements, there's no greater satisfaction than stepping into a professional environment. Many of our interns go on to secure permanent roles in their dream jobs, either with the work experience employer or at another firm in their home countries.


So, if you're looking for work experience near me or internship opportunities throughout the UK, Student Works is the answer. Take the first steps today by discovering more courtesy of our advisors.

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