Do you want to work in Australia? open to the UK, EU AND MOST INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES with Student Works help



What can you do on the visa?

Study for up to 4x months in a school and we will organise this for you (optional)

Work for 12x months with an option to extend and get a second working visa after the 12x months

Work in 1x job for a max of 6x months then a 2nd job for 6x months during your stay

Work in Melbourne or Sydney (or anywhere in Australia) this is where we offer face to face support

Go home to your country and back to Australia as many times as you want with this visa during the 12x months

Work in most areas but the most popular and easiest jobs to get are -






Get paid anything from $18.50 per hour MINIMUM (most people get $22 per hour)


What does this include for you upon your arrival to Australia:

  • Access to 24 hour Emergency Hotline
  • Detailed Welcome Orientation
  • Comprehensive Job Presentation
  • 12 month Tailored Job Assistance to help you apply for jobs to get interviews
  • Exclusive National Job Database for guaranteed jobs
  • CV and Cover Letter re writing for you
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Tax File Number Registration
  • Australian Mobile SIM Card
  • 12 month Hostelling International Membership
  • Unlimited Internet Access at WnH Office
  • Mail Holding and Forwarding
  • Free Luggage Storage (Sydney only)
  • Access to Discounted Travel Products
  • Enjoy the convenience of a pre-paid airport shuttle to hostel
  • 2 Nights Accommodation Including Breakfast