Our general English courses are designed for people who want to improve fluency and accuracy in English. Classes start from 9am Monday to Friday. Usually, 20x lessons per week focusing on all areas of English, speaking, listening, reading and writing, including all grammar.


Prices from £/€ 35 per week so book now



Are you struggling to find time to improve your English? Well do not worry we have you covered. We have part-time lessons in the day, evening or weekends, to suit you. You will benefit from smaller classes, but still get the benefits of learning the same things, reading, writing, listening, grammar and speaking. 



This the most popular course for any level of studies for any student or any age. You will be in a class with other students, in your level covering all aspects of the English language course, speaking, reading, writing, listening. Your teacher will be qualified and native in English. The classes are over 3x hours per day which is enough to cover everything for you. 



Are you looking to work in an English speaking job or similar and need to improve your English but do not have time in the day as you are working or having other commitments? Then join our Evening classes. From 2/3/4 nights per week, with a small group of students, all taught with an English teacher covering all levels.  


SPECIALIST CLASSES (Business, Medical, Law and many more)

Are you seeking more than just a General English course? Do you want to learn English to cover your professional experience or knowledge? Then join one of our specialist courses, focusing on all areas of English but also incorporating your specialist subject area for your future.  



Intensive English allows you to focus on your specific needs and areas of development. This course is ideal if you want to focus your English tuition. Intensive English is flexible enough to meet the needs of many students because tuition is split into morning and afternoon sessions. Usually, 30x lessons per week or more if you need it, focused on all areas for an intensive way to learn English. Monday to Friday lessons. 


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