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Do you want to work in the UK or IRELAND or another English speaking country?

Student Works find internships or jobs in the UK OR IRELAND and other English speaking countries for international students in their preferred professional sector.

We help those who need help finding a job fast, with our collection of businesses who are always looking for workers.

Those who are looking for paid jobs, we have lots of jobs in Care, Tourism and Hospitality all over the UK AND IRELAND and other English speaking countries. Including care homes, bars, restaurants and offices.

Student Works Ltd guarantee jobs and interviews through our Work Program and works closely with you to make sure you are comfortable and happy with the job that we get you. With our programs that help those who need a job fast, our Work Programs can also include English lessons and courses in the package so you can get to learn English in an English work setting! 

Work placements also known as Internships can be from 1x week to 1x year maximum and can be part time or full time, you decide.

Paid work program is a minimum stay of 4x months, there is no maximum stay. 

Guaranteed work experience or internships are in professional settings there to support your current studies or future employment, this means you can do a placement in many settings, to find out what we offer,

all you need to do is fill out the application form and send us your CV. Then we will call you to test out your English and set up a plan for you! We will arrange your English lessons for you and send out your application to businesses. We will set up interviews for you and make sure this is the perfect job for you! Then contact us to apply with your C.V and what work you want to do or check out the programs below and apply directly!






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